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The Portland Wholesale Lumber Association began in the early 1920's as way for industry members to gather and discuss issues of all types. Since then it has been a long standing tradition throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Mission Statement

To provide a local organization that affords the opportunity for Pacific Northwest lumber wholesalers, mills, manufacturers, and distributors to network with each other and, affords the opportunity to show support for our industry and the mills in the Pacific Northwest on whom the wholesalers depend for their livelihood. This is done primarily by supporting the forest products industry through activities that promote education about the industry, hosting an annual luncheon for the Pacific Northwest mills that recognizes their value, and showing recognition for those who have contributed to the community and industry by awarding a

  • "Lumberperson of the Year"
  • recognition plaque as part of the annual luncheon.


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    Lumberperson of the year

    2022 Lumberperson Profile


    December 2, 2022 at the Salem Convention Center in Salem, Oregon

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    2021 Christmas Luncheon Pics Coming Soon!

    Logs to Lumber Tour

    2022 Logs to Lumber Tour: Zip-O Mills and Zip-O Laminators in Eugene, Oregon

    Zip-O Log & Zip-O Laminators


    First Tuesday of every month at 3:00 PM. All lumber wholesalers are invited to attend.

    Next Meeting: March 7, 2023, at 3:00 PM.

    Location: McMenamins John Barleycorns | 14610 SW Sequoia Parkway. Tigard, Oregon 97223

    Please contact info@portlandwholesalelumberassociation.org with questions.


    The purpose of the Lumberperson of the Year Award is to recognize an individual in the Northwest Lumber Wholesale and Sawmill Industry. The selection criterion includes:

    The length of time in the industry.
    Contributions to the community, State, & Nation.
    Support of the greater Portland area lumber wholesale industry.



    The Portland Wholesale Lumber Association began in the early 1920's. Meetings in those days were informal affairs and took place at lunch in the Men's Grill at Meier & Frank. By the 1930's more formal meetings were taking place, then as now, the first Thursday of every month. As is customary with lumber people, the subjects discussed at these meetings were varied, ranging from fact to fiction but the information was, and is, pertinent of the Industry. As the lumber industry began moving their businesses to the suburbs in the 60's and 70's, it was decided in 1980 to move the monthly meeting from Meier & Frank to the Mallory Hotel where access and parking was more convenient.

    When the more formal meetings began, dues were collected as well as fines being imposed for various reasons. As the funds began to grow, a place or purpose for these monies needed to be found. Some surplus funds were donated to local charities. In 1937 it was decided to stage a Christmas Party to bring together wholesalers and producers in a congenial setting. Success was immediate. Consequently, Christmas Parties are held every year.

    In 1980, another tradition was added to the Christmas Party
    which was the establishment of the

  • "Lumberperson of the Year"
  • This Prestigious award made annually, recognizes outstanding achievements in the softwood lumber industry by a Lumberperson in the Pacific Northwest.

    PWLA Officers

    Terry Haddix


    Patrick Lumber Co. | Portland, OR.

    Jessica Standley

    Vice President

    Oregon Wood Specialties

    Dan Ettelstein


    Northwest Specialty Timber, Inc.

    Aly Kingsley

    Executive Secretary

    Wildwood Trading Group